10% Of Americans Do Not Use The Internet

These days most of us couldn’t imagine going a day without the Internet, but believe it or not there are people in this countrywho never check the web at all, and apparently, they’re surviving!

A new Pew Research poll finds that 10% of Americans do not use the Internet, a number which has been the same for about the past four years. It is, however, a drastic decrease from when the center first started polling about Internet usage in 2000, when 48% of people said they weren’t online.

So, who are these folks that survive without the Internet?Well, according to the survey:

  • They are more likely to be 65 and older, although more older folks are using the Internet. In fact, while 27% of those 65 and older don’t go online, that’s a 7% decrease from 2018.
  • 29% of those not go on the Internet have less than a high school education, but the percentage decreases as education levels increase.
  • Those earning less than $30k are also more likely to not use the Internet, with 18% of them not online, as compared to 2% of more affluent adults.
  • Those living in rural America are also more likely to not use the Internet, as compared to those in urban an suburban areas.

Source:Pew Research

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