Convicted Killer of Karina Vetrano To Be Sentenced

The man convicted of killing Queens jogger Karina Vetrano will be sentenced on Tuesday.

Chanel Lewis faces the possibility of life in prison, after a judge on Monday refused to dismiss the verdict. The defense made allegations of juror misconduct after one of the jurors came forward to claim they felt pressure to convict.

Lewis confessed to the murder and DNA evidence linked him to the crime. However, the defense argued that the confession was coerced and there were problems with the DNA evidence.

Throughout the trial, Lewis’ mother maintained that her son was innocent.

“I’m a mother and I feel the Vetrano pain because they lost their daughter. But I lost a son and my son is not a killer,” Veta Lewis said.

This was the second trial for Lewis, after a previous trial ended in a hung jury.

Photo Credit: Alice Stockton-Rossini

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