Artist Wants Hundreds to Pose Naked in NYC Streets

An artist has organized an event to challenge Facebook and Instagram’s “Community Guidelines” by organizing a large-scale nude photography shoot in New York City this June called #WeTheNipple.

Artist Spencer Tunick and the National Coalition Against Censorship are organizing to have hundreds of nude bodies "take a stance in the streets of New York City" against censorship of art on big social media platforms. The event is happening June 2, though specifics on the street location haven't been released.

“I hope to make a new nude photographic artwork on the streets of New York City that challenges the censorship rules of Instagram and Facebook. A work that humanizes and decriminalizes the female nipple on social media and at the same time advocates freedom for male, female and transgender artists to share their art without consequence," Tunick said in a statement.

Tunick’s successful photographic career includes over 75 large-scale nude human installations shot all over the world, including one where 18,000 people posed nude in Mexico. Even with a checkmark-verified social media following, the photographer’s Facebook page was disabled in 2014 after posting a photo of nude women in Portugal which was apparently deemed not pixelated enough.

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