Police Departments Challenge Each Other To Acts Of Kindness

Police departments across the country are challenging each other to do random acts of kindness with a campaign called #OperationPayItForward. It all started in Los Angeles, when a stranger surprised a pair of LAPD officers by buying their food at a restaurant. The officers wanted to pay it forward, so they paid for the three cars behind them in a fast food drive thru and filmed a video of the good deed.

The LAPD posted the video to Twitter, and challenged the New York Police Department to do an act of kindness. NYPD accepted, posting a video of its officers treating folks to free pizza, with one of the officers explaining, “cause everybody knows we got the best pizza. NYPD then passed the challenge to the Chicago Police Department and they took it next level, surprising a single mother of four with tickets to the White Sox’s opening day game.

Chicago police tossed the challenge to Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department. Their officers made good by surprising a mom at the supermarket with free groceries and posted a video of the act of kindness. Now they’ve passed the challenge to Boston police, tweeting to them, “Let’s keep the momentum going.”

Source: 12 News

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