Woman Freaks Out Over Spider And Wrecks Her Car

A woman in upstate New York doesn't like spiders and she discovered one at the worst time possible.

An unidentified woman appears to have spotted a spider inside her car while she was driving. That's when all hell broke loose as she lost control of her vehicle, swerving until she ended up crashing into a stone barrier and injuring her leg.

Police published the photos on their Facebook page to highlight the need to overcome fears while behind the wheel. Police say new drivers need to learn to pull over to a safe place if they need to compose themselves.

Many Facebook users commented on the post, relating to the woman’s fear and response.

“I totally understand her panic,” one user commented.

Another brought up the possibility of other unwelcome passengers, something the Cairo police said is “a contributing factor that is not covered too often” when accidents occur.

“Fully, understand. Bees too,” the user mentioned.

Source: Fox News

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