Parents Want An Apology From Teacher Over Trump Diss

Sachem Central School District officials are in hot water with the parents of a 6th grader who was not allowed to pick President Donald Trump as her hero for a class project.

Bella Moscato told a reporter from Channel 12 in Long Island that when she asked to do the report on President Trump the teacher said no, because Trump spreads negativity and says bad things about women.

When Bella's parents found out about the teachers remarks to their daughter, they demanded an apology and accused the teacher of trying to intimidate their child.

During a recent school board meeting, Bella's father Arthur Moscato addressed the members and said, "I can't believe that anybody in school would tell her that Trump can't be a hero."

The school district's superintendent, Kenneth Graham, issued a statement that said, "I wish to make it clear that the District does not endorse or condone any limitation or prohibition upon a student's choice of his or her ‘Hero' report."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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