New Jersey Woman Sets Fire To Boyfriend's Apartment

If you’re going to talk your girlfriend into a threesome, you’ve got to know how to play it right. Seriously – one false move could turn something totally hot,into something stressful and dangerous. Such was the case in New Jersey, where Tasia Young has been arrested for setting fire to her boyfriend’s apartment.

It seems the threesome experience she had with her boyfriend and another lady took an unexpected U-turn. You see, after all was done…the boyfriend called for a cab for his girlfriend– and the other woman stayed.

According to police, Young went to local gas station to pick up some lighter fluid and matches and emptied the entire canister on…and under…the front door. They say she even demonstrated her spraying technique. Then, she lit a tissue and tossed it on the mess. And get this…Young even confessed to saying she “felt like she needed to hurt somebody.” Fortunately, no one was hurt. Well, except for the 2-unit apartment building, which has been described as suffering “extensive damage.” As for Young, hre charges include arson, aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

Pro-tip: In the future…just invite them both to stay over. That way you might get return action in the morning and possibly breakfast…and no arson.

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