Alleged Bias Incident at East Brunswick High School

There’s controversy at East Brunswick High School in New Jersey, where a Muslim student had a hijab ripped off her head by another student during a fight.

An argument over a seat on Wednesday caused a fight between two female students. One of the students ripped the hijab off the other’s head while screaming anti-Muslim slurs. The incident was filmed and posted on social media.

“Ultimately the fight was determined to be a bias incident and was immediately reported to the East Brunswick Police Department,” School Superintendent Victor Valeski said.

The student who made the anti-Muslim comments was arrested and is facing several charges, including simple assault and harassment. The other student was suspended, along with a third student who filmed the incident.

Students and parents packed a school board meeting on Thursday night to address the issue.

“I want to personally apologize to the Muslim community for the event because of the impact it’s had,” Valeski said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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