Scary Blaze At NY Home Turns Little Kids Into Huge Heroes

A couple of little kids saved the day big time when a blaze took over their home in Nyack, New York. The children, eight-year-old Felix Fazel and his cousin, three-year-old Maisie Martinez, were watching TV on the third floor of the house when they noticed a strange smell coming from downstairs.

When the young cousins started having trouble breathing, they knew something was really wrong and they knew to cover their mouths to run to their grandmother in the next room for help. There was smoke everywhere, but they managed to find their way to get out of the house safely and get help, thanks to the little ones.

Felix says he stopped two nice people who were walking by and asked them for help. He understands that he did a good deed and helped keep his family safe. He proudly says, “Yeah, I think I did an awesome thing.”

Source: CBS New York

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