On-Time Performance Of Subways Reaches Best Mark in 5 Years

The MTA says subway service is improving, with on-time performance reaching its best mark last month since 2013.

More than 78 percent of subway trains arrived on time in March, which was up from 65 percent a year earlier. It’s also the best rate in five years.

“We have a long way to go, but getting back to the basics of both maintenance and operations through the Subway Action Plan and Save Safe Seconds campaign is bringing the subway up to a much better baseline from which to modernize the system,” NYC Transit President Andy Byford said.

In addition to improved on-time performance, the number of delays also fell. Byford credited progress made in reducing track fires.

He said subway performance will continue to improve thanks to the state legislature approving congestion pricing.

“We are working to squeeze every drop of performance we can out of this system and the funds promised by central business district tolling will ultimately allow us to deliver the service that New Yorkers need and deserve,” Byford said.

Congestion pricing will toll drivers who travel south of 60th Street in Manhattan. It’s scheduled to go into effect in 2021, providing the MTA with additional revenue to make subway repairs.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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