NYC Transit Authority Must Pay Injured Bicyclist $110 Million Dollars

Robert Liciage was awarded over $110 million dollars in a lawsuit he filed against New York City Transit Authority for injuries he suffered after a railroad tie was dropped from an elevated subway track in Brooklyn.

Liciage testified that while he was biking under the elevated J and M line he was stopped then waved through a construction site by a Transit Authority employee. As he began to ride again a railroad tie fell from the tracks and struck him.

Court documents showed that The New York Transit Authority did track maintenance without barricades, that resulted in a 10-foot long railroad tie falling and fracturing Liciage's spine

Liciage, who has been paralyzed from the waist down and living in a nursing facility since the accident was immediately notified of the verdict by his lawyer.

Liciage's lawyer, Scott Occhiogrosso told the New York Post that the verdict will bring his client some relief but his injury is permanent.

An MTA spokesperson said the verdict is grossly excessive and the agency plans to pursue all avenues of appeal.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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