Watch Police Officer Crash Motorcycle After Impounding It

The NYPD internal affairs department is investigating an officer who impounded a dirt bike and then crashed it in front of a crowd of people after he decided to take an impromptu cruise in traffic.

The motorcycle was snatched by the NYPD after the rider of the bike abandoned it on a sidewalk near West 135th and Lenox Avenue.

Witnesses who spoke to the New York Daily News said the owner of the bike jumped off the machine and left it running on the sidewalk after being chased by the cops for weaving in and out of traffic in Harlem. Before the cops could arrest the man he jumped on the back of another motorcycle and fled the scene.

The video shows the officer popping wheelies up and down the street before losing control of the vehicle and dumping the bike in the middle of the street.

The cop who was not wearing a helmet or any sort of protective gear suffered a sprained ankle in the crash.

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