Legalized Prostitution Discussed By NYC Lawmakers

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez told a crowd gathered at the Lambda Independent Democratic forum that he would consider supporting a law to legalize sex work.

Gonzalez, who was a proponent of decimalizing marijuana and no longer prosecutes people for weed possession said, "I believe in decriminalization."

Gonzalez said his office currently handles prostitution cases in a "soft prosecution" manner and that he'd like to see certain sex crimes move out of the court system.

Currently, people arrested on prostitution charges are issued a desk ticket and order to complete a class with a social services group.

The Attorney General emphasized that any new legislation on the issue would not apply to sex traffickers and pimps.

According to an article published in the New York Post a few women advocacy groups have voiced their opposition to the legalization of prostitution because it would muddy the waters in arresting and convicting criminals in the sex trafficking trade.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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