Volunteers Collect Nearly 500,000 Pieces Of Garbage From New Jersey Beaches

454,365 pieces of garbage were collected by 10,000 volunteers during the annual New Jersey beach sweeps.

The yearly cleaning of the ocean coast, bay shores and banks of rivers, lakes, and streams is conducted by Clean Ocean Actions, a non-profit group that lists all the different types of garbage found littering the garden states waterway.

Clean Ocean Actions Executive Director, Cindy Zipf told the New York Post, "The beach sweeps provide proof we humans can be a wasteful, sloppy, and pretty gross bunch."

The list of garbage collected includes 22,000 cigarette butts, 5,470 balloons, 565 condoms, and 267 dirty baby diapers. Some of the stranger items found near the water included; a safe door, a kitchen sink, a sex toy and a set of cheerleaders pom-poms.

The Clean Ocean Actions group has removed almost 7 million pieces of trash around New Jersey waterways in the past decade.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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