Teacher Claims She Was Fired Over Topless Selfie And Sues District

Nothing is ever private anymore. Laura Miranda, who was a math teacher at Bellport Middle School in New York, claims she was fired after a student got hold of a topless selfie of her. She claims the picture was taken two years ago and was sent to her former partner, who was another teacher in the district. She claims to have no knowledge of how the picture came to be in the student's possession.

Miranda's lawyer, John Ray, says his client was 'wrongfully chastised' by the school over the photo and dismissed for not being a proper 'role model'. At a press conference, Miranda described the selfie as 'pure'. She said: "Men can bare their chests without it being questioned or thought twice over, my upper torso is no more offensive than a man's."

She believes the school discriminated against her and that a male teacher would never have received the same treatment. She also said she would drop the case if she were to be reinstated at Bellport Middle School. However, she said the superintendent told her that was unlikely to happen. 

Source: Newsday

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