Topless Photograph Leads To Lawsuit Between Teacher And School District

Bellport Middle School officials fired math teacher Lauren Miranda after a photo that showed her naked breasts ended up in one of her student's possession.

Miranda, who admitted to taking the photograph, claims she only sent it to her boyfriend and has no idea how a student ended up with the picture is now suing the Long Island school for $3 million.

Miranda's lawyer John Ray told the court, "Long ago, she sent her topless unremarkable selfie to her companion, never to anyone else, and then by unknown means a student obtained it."

In an article that appeared in the New York Post, Ray said, "This would never have happened to a male teacher; the Suffolk County Administrators and School Board have not yet discovered that women are equal to men. Lauren is rightly proud of her female torso. Women's breasts are not inherently prurient."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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