Survey Finds the Most Romantic Proposal Spots in the World

Dating site EliteSingles surveyed 1,600 people to compile a list of the most romantic places in 2019 to propose to a significant other, and there’s good news for romantic world travelers and couch potatoes alike. While Paris might seem like the obvious choice for top contender, Venice was actually found to be the most romantic spot! Check out the other places that made the top 10:

1 Venice, Italy

No roads, no problem! Who doesn’t want to get engaged on a canal in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? With Venice as your backdrop while you or bae drop to one knee, saying yes will be super easy.

2 Paris, France

Surprised that Paris wasn’t number one? Me too, to be honest. But that just makes me thirstier to visit Venice with my 23 fake boyfriends in tow.

3 Hawaii, USA

One look at that sunset, and I get it. That’s pretty hard to beat. 

4 The Bahamas

There’s pink-sand beaches, snorkeling, and the opportunity to swim with piglets? Plus, this is a strong contender for bluest water I’ve ever seen right here... 

5 Vanua Levu, Fiji

...although this doesn’t look bad either. If you and your betrothed are big on snorkeling, waterfalls, or exotic animals, Fiji might be the smartest place to pop the question. 

6 At Home

Stressed out by travel? Good thing an at-home proposal is still just as romantic. 

7 Bali, Indonesia

Visit a hot spring, go snorkeling, or check out a monkey forest sanctuary while you’re at it. (No promises on whether or not the monkeys will snag your new ring though...we hear they like shiny things.) 

8 New York, USA

What can’t you do in New York? There are a bajillion rooftop bars here if you wanna pop the big Q with a view...which, love that for you!

9 Niagara Falls, North America

Or if you wanna head seven-ish hours upstate, there’s also Niagara Falls. Just make sure your clothes are splash-proof.

10 Sydney, Australia

The long flight from Sydney back to America (22 hours to the East Coast or 14 hours to the West Coast) will give you plenty of time to start planning your wedding. In-flight Wi-Fi has never been more worth it.


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