Police Respond To Kid Calling 911 For Lost Teddy Bear

We’ve all been trained that in an emergency, you call 911 for help, so when 12-year-old Ryan Paul, who has autism, lost his beloved teddy bear, it felt like an emergency, so he did what you’re supposed to do and he called 911. The New Jersey boy’s family had no idea he placed the call about the missing bear until a dispatcher called their Woodbridge home back to follow up.

Officer Khari Manzini responded to the “rescue” call and by the time he arrived, the teddy bear had been located. But Ryan was excited to have a police officer there and wanted his photo taken with Manzini, which he was happy to do. Ryan’s father, Bob Paul, says the officer handled the situation with ease, showing kindness and understanding.

“Officer Manzini did a fabulous job making sure everything was okay, but also going the extra mile,” Paul says. “He was very gracious and couldn’t do more to help Ryan, and put everybody at ease.”

Source: USA Today

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