Iraq War Veteran Sentenced To 10 Years Behind Bars For Car Bombing

Manhattan federal Judge Paul Engelmayer sentenced Richard Laugel to 10 years behind bars for blowing up his neighbor's car with a home-made bomb after the two men had fought over a parking space.

Laugel, a war veteran who served two tours in the Iraq war and once provided security for General James "Mad Dog" Mattis, told the judge he "just snapped" when he planted the bomb.

Judge Englemayer thanked Laugel for his military service and noted that the former Marine suffers from PTSD before handing down the sentence.

But the Judge also reminded Laugel that while he was out on bail for the bombing incident, Homeland Security raided his home and found that he was illegally manufacturing firearms and silencers. Plus Xanax pills and 3 grams of cocaine were found stashed in a stuffed teddy bear.

According to an article published in the New York Post, Laugel could have been sentenced to nearly 20 years behind bars for the committed crimes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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