Suspect Arrested In Murder of Gambino Family Crime Boss

The man accused of killing Gambino family crime boss Frank Cali will face an extradition hearing on Monday.

Anthony Comello, 24, was arrested over the weekend in Brick, New Jersey. He’s expected to waive extradition.

“Mr. Comello is currently being held in jail in New Jersey, pending court appearances, where we anticipate we will have him returned to Staten Island to face murder charges for the death of Francesco Cali,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said.

Despite Cali’s alleged leadership of the Gambino crime family, police don’t believe this was a mob hit. They are reportedly investigating if Comello was upset because he wasn’t being allowed to date Cali’s niece.

“While we believe we have the shooter in custody for this incident, the investigation is at this point far from over,” Shea said.

Cali was shot and killed outside his home on Staten Island last week.He was apparently lured outside by a car accident and then shot. Police haven’t recovered the murder weapon yet.

Police said they understand there could now be retaliatory violence against Comello.

“The prevention of any future violence is utmost on our minds,” Shea said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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