New York Woman Keeps Getting Bill For Telephone Poll

Imagine getting electric bills for thousands of dollars a month, only they're addressed to the utility pole outside your home. That's what 83-year-old Maria Sprizzo had been dealing with last year. 

She kept getting electric bills addressed to the utility pole in front of her home in excess of $2000. When she called the electric company, they told her to simply throw the bills out. Only she would also get notices of termination following those bills. 

Each letter is addressed to Charter Communications with her exact address followed by the word “pole.” The electric company says that according to their records, the client connected to the pole, Charter Communications, has an outstanding debt and it's a normal operating procedure to send those bills and termination letters out every month to the address on file. Her address is the one that is on file for Charter Communications. They also said she is not on the hook for any of those bills.


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