ICE Agent Has His Fingertip Bitten Off Trying To Make An Arrest


An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent attempting to arrest an illegal immigrant lost the tip of his left ring finger when the suspect chomped down on his hand during the arrest.

The unnamed officer was at the Brooklyn home of Christopher Santos Felix to arrest the man for illegally overstaying on a visitor's visa that was issued in 2015.

Police records show that the suspect became aggressive during the arrest and as the two men struggled for control of the situation the suspect managed to bite the tip of the officer's finger off.

A spokesperson for ICE told the New York Post "Communities are safer when law enforcement works together, yet sanctuary city policies continue to hinder the coordination needed to keep dangerous criminals off our streets."

Santos is now facing federal charges for finger-biting as well as possible deportation back to the Dominican Republic.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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