Crime Rates Remain Low Despite 98% Reduction of Stop And Frisk

Federal Judge Rules NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violates Rights

A recent study released by the New York Civil Liberties Union shows the dramatic reduction of the stop and frisk procedure used by the NYPD has not resulted in an increase in crime.

During the 2011 Bloomberg administration stop and frisk was used nearly 700,000 times. The de Blasio administration has reduced the use of stop and frisk by 98 percent, with only 12,000 incidents recorded in 2017.

Police officials credit the implementation of new training classes for current officers and police academy recruits for reducing confrontational encounters between police and the people they serve.

A police spokesperson told the New York Post, "The decrease reflects the deliberate shift in the NYPD's strategic focus over the past several years to precise, surgical targeting of crime and criminals. The result is fewer stops and fewer arrests and summonses all while continuing to drive crime to record low levels."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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