Video Shows Rat Wallowing In MetroCard Change Tray, And We Have Questions

The latest troubling place in which a New Yorker has photographed a rat is the change and receipt tray of an MTA MetroCard dispenser.

As if there weren't enough examples of why you have to be alert at all times in the city, imagine reaching for your MetroCard receipt and touching a rat!

Do you just go straight to the hospital after that happens?

Who is ever going to reach in that compartment again after seeing this footage? Probably a tourist, which would be pretty funny, but ultimately bad for the city's economy.

Sure, this doesn't mean rats have been in all of these change and receipt trays, but now we know that there could have been a rat in any one of these machines at some point.

How did it even get in there? Did it climb up the front? Did it wind up there after climbing through the back of the machine?

And finally, what the hell was in the change tray that attracted a rat in the first place???

In other news, the MTA recently eliminated the 5 percent pay-per-ride MetroCard bonus, which amounts to a fare hike and means we commuters get to visit these lovely machines more often.

Photos: Getty Images

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