Mayor De Blasio Criticizes NYPD Over Flag Football Game

Mayor Bill de Blasio says it was “wrong” that the NYPD moved cars for a flag football game, adding “that can’t happen again.”

On March 3rd, police moved about 30 cars from West 218th Street so that officers could park for a department flag football game. It caused outrage in the neighborhood, as residents had their parking taken away.

“People shouldn’t have their cars towed because someone wants to play football. I like football as much as the next guy, but that’s just not appropriate, it’s not fair, and it cannot happen again,” Mayor de Blasio said.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill has defended the NYPD’s actions. He said there are special events held in the city all the time and parking notices were placed on the street days in advance.

“Commissioner O’Neill knows I feel strongly on this matter, and that’s not something we can see happen again, because it undermines the faith we’re trying to build between police and community,” Mayor de Blasio said.

The mayor added that he had a “very straightforward conversation” with O’Neill and he made it clear that it can’t happen again.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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