Massive Cocaine Seizure In New York

The shipping manifest said the cargo was dried fruit…and sure, that was in there…but there was MUCH more. Officials say that Customs and Border Protection officers along with the Coast Guard, Homeland Security, DEA and police in New York seized 32-hundred pounds of cocaine on February 28th…and say the haul has an estimated street value of $77-million.

Apparently, there was an irregularity in the pin used to close the shipping container doors, which set off a secondary screening. Those scans revealed some “inconsistencies” in the contents. Customs officials say a shipping container – which hailed from South America and was bound for Antwerp – had 60 packages of a white powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine.

The drugs have been turned over to Homeland Security for further investigation. It’s not clear if the drugs were supposed to be offloaded in the US or continue on for Europe.


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