Private School Investigated For Controversial History Lesson


New York State Attorney General Letitia James and school administrators from the Chapel School in Bronxville are investigating teacher Rebecca Antinozzi after she held a fake slave auction in her 5th grade classroom.

The investigation alleges that Antinozzi had white students in her class bid on black students as part of a misguided history lesson.

The controversy was brought to light when one of the 5th graders in Antinozzi's class told his mother Vanex Harding, that he felt humiliated by the teacher's action.

Harding told the New York Daily News that she was "shocked and infuriated" that this happened to her son. Harding said the three black children were marched into the classroom where white children acting as rich slave owners were encouraged to bid on them while Antinozzi acted as the auctioneer.

Attorney General Letitia James said, "The reports of racist lessons' by a teacher at the Chapel School are deeply troubling and my office is monitoring this matter closely".

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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