Cops Move Cars in Inwood For NYPD Football Game

Residents in the Inwood section of Manhattan are upset with police for moving cars ahead of an NYPD flag football game on Sunday.

People who live in the area say those parking spots were then taken by officers who were attending the game.

“They were relocated.Nobody was towed, nobody got a ticket,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said.

The relocated cars had been parked on West 218th Street between Broadway and Indian Road. That’s near Columbia University’s football field, where the NYPD flag football game was taking place.

O’Neill defended the NYPD’s actions, saying that signs had been posted days in advance.

“It’s not placard abuse. It was clearly marked ‘No Parking on Sunday.’ It’s a special event. This is where Columbia football plays. There are events like this all throughout the city,” O’Neill said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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