Governor Cuomo Tries to Convince Amazon to Return to New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to lure Amazon back to New York.

Amazon abandoned plans to build a major hub in Long Island City because of some local criticism over the tax breaks and incentives the company was scheduled to receive.

“I’ve had many conversations with Amazon.I hope that they reconsider. Up until now we haven’t seen any change in their position,” Governor Cuomo said.

The New York Times reports that Cuomo told Amazon he will work with Mayor de Blasio to manage the community development process. The governor also said he’d take personal responsibility for the state approval.

At the same time, a group of more than 70 unions, business leaders, community groups and elected officials have published a letter asking Amazon to return to Long Island City.

So far, Amazon has given no indication it’s willing to reconsider.

Source: New York Times

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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