Barack Obama Dressed Mannequin Gets Attacked

A man was so angered by a Barack Obama mannequin in a New York City storefront, that he shattered the store's window and physically attacked the poor mannequin.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video. A man wearing a backpack with a skateboard strapped to it kicked the window where the two presidential mannequins were on display. The President Obama mannequin was dressed as Santa and the  President Trump likeness was wearing a MAGA hat. However, his kicking wasn't doing the trick so he went to a nearby construction site and grabbed a large brick and used that to break the window.

Once that happened, the man pulled the Obama mannequin onto the sidewalk, ripping its limbs off in the process. Police arrested 41-year-old Rewell Altunaga, charged him with criminal mischief and the store, an adult novelty shop, has to decide if it will replace the presidential display, which had also included a mannequin of President Donald Trump. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images



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