Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio Criticize Trump Wall Plan

Governor Andrew Cuomo is accusing President Trump of spreading “self-serving, aggrandizing false political rhetoric.”

Trump addressed the country in primetime from the Oval Office on Tuesday night, speaking about the need for a wall along the southern border.  He said criminal activity is coming into the U.S. and questioned how much more American blood had to be shed.

"A wall is not a response to a humanitarian crisis nor is it a solution to keeping our country safe.  If the President is serious about border security, he will join with the Democrats to support smart, high-tech security instead of wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on his absurd wall,” Cuomo said.


Trump says in the last two years, ICE agents have made 266,000 arrests of illegal immigrants with criminal records.

Mayor  de Blasio said he’s been talking to his police commissioner and federal  law enforcement officials for years and they’ve never said there’s a  terror threat at the southern border.

“This notion that terrorism  is emanating from the southern border is laughable. We have some real  challenges here that are not coming from the southern border. They are  coming from other places – the airports are the place we need to be  worried about, not the border wall,” de Blasio said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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