De Blasio Guarantees Health Care for All New Yorkers

Mayor Bill de Blasio has taken the historic step of ensuring that all New Yorkers will have access to health care coverage.

The $100 million plan will provide coverage to 600,000 New Yorkers without insurance, regardless of their immigration status or whether they can pay for it.

“NYC Care is going to make a difference.  For those who can afford something, they'll pay on a sliding scale.  For those who can't afford anything, care will be for free.  No one will be turned away and care will be comprehensive,” de Blasio said.


NYC Care will launch in the summer, beginning in the Bronx and expanding to all five boroughs by 2021.

“For  too many New Yorkers – they live in fear.  They live in fear of getting  sick.  They don't know where to turn.  They don't know how they're  going to afford health care,” de Blasio said.


Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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