Cops Stripped Of Guns When 4-Way Love “Rectangle” Is Exposed

It’s a tale as old as life itself. Multiple people…not married to each other…screwing around. And guns. Wait, what? The New York City Police Department found itself with a “love rectangle.” And when it blew up? They took everyone’s guns…so they wouldn’t kill each other. The story goes like this:

Sgt. Kandou Worley and Officer Stephanie Gallardo both were assigned to the department’s Strategic Response Group last year. Worley’s “live in” girlfriend, Tyeis Coppin, found “incriminating photos” of Gallardo and Worley on his mobile...and Coppin works in the NYPD’s 32nd precinct as a union delegate.

A rage-filled Coppin then took to Instagram (as women do). The pics she found were posted, and two days later everyone knew they’d been exposed. But wait! When questioned by bosses, Gallardo claimed that she and her husband were separated, even though they’re still “living together and raising their 20-month-old daughter.” That husband? Cristian Gallardo – who is ALSO on the Strategic Response team.

In total, these four officers had nine guns seized. In the Police Guide, this kind of seizure’s permitted in “non-disciplinary cases” where “stress as a result of family or other situations” come into play. The Special Operations Investigation Unit’s taken things over while they get to the bottom of the four officers who’ve all seemed to get “to the bottom” of each other at some point.

Source: New York Post


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