Police Hunt for Axe-Wielding Man Who Attacked 63-Year-Old Woman

The NYPD is investigating a gruesome crime that left a 63-year-old woman fighting for her life in a Coney Island Hospital.

The unidentified victim was found with an ax embedded in her skull on the first floor of her New York City Housing Authority apartment located in the O'Dwyer Gardens on West 33rd Street.

Neighbor Cassy Walker told the New York Post, "It's an awful thing. This is very surprising that somebody was injured with an ax. It's astonishing."

Building maintenance worker Salvatore De Costanza said the wound looked very serious and the woman had lost a lot of blood in the attack.

The police do not have anyone in custody for the crime but are in the process of questioning the victim's two sons.

A police source said they are trying to sort out all the details of the crime and one of the brothers could be the person we're looking for.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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