Hate-Filled Rant Leads to Arrest of Animal Hoarder

When the police and ASPCA raided the home of Elizabeth Grant in January of 2016 she was found to be hoarding and neglecting 55 cats, 12 dogs, and two turtles. 

After thoroughly inspecting the woman's home and finding it unfit because of filthy living conditions the animals were removed.

Grant who pleaded not guilty in the January indictment was issued a 10-year animal owning ban by Judge Stephanie Zaro and put on probation. 

This August when Probation Officers Azalea Soba and Monique Begy stopped by Grant's home to make sure she was adhering to her parole conditions they found that the suspect was hording animals again.

The ASPCA officers say that Grant allegedly greeted them with homophobic slurs and threatening language that insinuated that the officers were, "Lesbians."  

Prosecutor Nicoletta Caferri who worked the 2016 case against Grant tried to read a portion of Grant's recent hate-filled rant against the two officers in open court was interrupted by the suspect who yelled "I never said that".

An article published in the New York Post states Grant is due back in court the 19th of March.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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