Legal Marijuana Woes Trouble Commissioner O'Neil

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neil knows that legal marijuana is coming to the Big Apple and he's worried about some of the dangers that come along with the drug going mainstream.

Commissioner O'Neil told the New York Post, "I'm concerned about the gray and black markets for marijuana. We sent people from the NYPD out to Colorado, Washington, and California to take a look at what's happening out there."

After seeing statistics on underage marijuana use in states that have legalized pot O'Neil said,  "We have to make sure that we're able to address people that are under 21 that are using marijuana to make sure there are sanctions for that and also to keep young people safe."

The Commissioner is also worried about a proposal that would allow people to grow marijuana in their homes and what to do about people driving under the influence of the drug because there isn't an immediate way to test suspects for driving under the influence of marijuana.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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