Naked Truck Top Dance Leads to Arrest

New Yorkers who work in or commute through Harlem were treated to a striptease act this morning when a man jumped on top of a box truck and started to disrobe.

Witnesses say the unidentified man hopped on the roof of a delivery truck and started dancing and screaming while he shed every stitch of clothing he had on, leaving just his tool belt to cover up his nakedness.

Samaruddin Aziz, a server from Wonder Fried Chicken and Pizza told the New York Post that the man "was not in his right mind, it was an unbelievable thing to watch." Aziz added, "Police officers were handing the man clothes trying to get him to cover up but he would not listen."

After getting his fill of the spotlight Aziz jumped down from the truck and tried to make his getaway only to be tracked down by cops a block down the road.

Police arrested Aziz and strapped him to a gurney before transporting him to a hospital for evaluation.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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