Chef Outrages Floridians With Claims New Jersey Makes Best Cuban Sandwiches

People have their own ideas about who makes the best sandwiches and people in Florida like to claim that their state is home to the best Cuban sandwiches in the country. So when chef and Food Network personality Carl Ruiz recently stated that a place in New Jersey makes the best Cubans, it started a battle on Twitter.

Ruiz was taking writer Peter Genovese on a tour of New Jersey’s finest Cuban spots when the reporter tweeted a photo of a slim half-sammie at LaPola in West New York, New Jersey, with the caption “Is this the country’s best Cuban sandwich? @carlruiz thinks so.” The idea that a place in Jersey could be better at making the creation of ham, pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles on Cuban bread better than a place in Florida - home to many Cuban Americans - outraged many who questioned Ruiz’s choice and offered up their own top picks.

Some tweeted that Ruiz must not have been to St. Pete, or to come to Tampa to try the real best Cuban. Others suggested spots in Miami as the real winner, but when someone tweeted that Ruiz made an honest mistake with his New Jersey sandwich winner, he didn’t back down. Instead, he replied, “Not a mistake, my friend.”

Source: New York Post


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