Governor Cuomo Takes on President Trump in Inaugural Address

Governor Andrew Cuomo is blaming the federal government for exploiting the fear and frustration felt by some Americans.

It may surprise you, but I don't fault our federal government for causing the underlying fear and frustration, but I fault them for something worse.  I fault them for a failure of leadership and government malfeasance.  I fault them for manipulating and using the fear and deepening the divisions for their own political purpose,” Governor Cuomo said during an inaugural address at Ellis Island.

The governor said New York would lead the way in bringing hope, progress and action.

“Let us say that New York did not seek to blame or use people's anger, but rather chose the hard but true path to resolve the fear by solving the problems that were causing the frustration in the first place,” Cuomo said.


The governor was sworn in to begin a third term in office.  He said  during his first 100 days, he would propose “the most progressive agenda  this state has ever seen.”

“From voting reforms, to Roe v. Wade  for New York, to protecting a woman's right to choose.  To better gun  laws, to healthcare protection, to legalizing marijuana, to protecting  the labor movement, to a green new deal, to real criminal justice reform  - we will make history and New York will move forward,” Cuomo said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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