Brinks Truck Door Malfunctions Spilling Cash All Over NJ Highway

A faulty door on an armored truck is being blamed for a cash grab – and a bunch of car accidents – in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Officials say the door to a Brink's truck clicked open around 8:30am on a major road yesterday…sending 20s, 100s, and 50s out onto Route 3. You can imagine the reaction.

Videos posted to social media (some of which you can see on the right) showed several drivers pulling over and stuffing their pockets with cash. East Rutherford Police are reviewing all of that video, as Brinks is still the legal owner of the money and wants to get it recovered.

At least one woman showed up to police headquarters today to return some cash that got stuck to her windshield. Otherwise, Brinks is asking people to return the money. Good luck.

Source: ABC-7NY

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