DEP Investigates Bronx Stench

Something stinks in the Bronx and the residents of Hunts Point are sick of it. 

The stench which emanates from huge waste hauling trucks being power washed on the streets, leaving behind puddles of stinking brackish water. 

Chuck Bosworth, a local sheet metal worker told the New York Post, "It's ridiculous, the smell is bad. The chemical they leave in the street is getting all over our cars."

A representative from the Department of Environmental Protection who is investigating the complaints said that cleaning trucks in that area is illegal because only rainwater is allowed to be washed down the storm drains. He also noted that some trucks get parked on the street for days at a time, completely disregarding the posted 3-hour parking limit. 

The owner of the latest truck spotted being illegally parked and washed on Longview Avenue belongs to Jose Lora, who after being contacted by phone explained to the D.E.P. spokesman that he is unable to move the truck at this time because he is recovering from heart surgery.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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