Woman Arrested After Police Find 44 Dead Dogs in Her Home

65-year-old Donna Roberts was arrested on animal abuse and cruelty charges after New Jersey State Troopers found 44 dead dogs in several freezers throughout her home.

The arrest came after the Burlington County Health Department stopped by the home for an inspection and found 130 dogs living in deplorable conditions on her property.The terrible condition of the dogs led the health department to issue a warrant to search the interior of the woman's home.

When police gained access to Roberts home the smell of animal feces and urine forced several officers to abandon the search because they were suffering dizziness and nausea.

State Police Colonel Patrick Callahan told The Press Of Atlantic City, "Although the circumstances surrounding the demise of the 44 dogs that were discovered inside plastic bags in freezers remains under investigation, the deplorable  and inhumane living conditions the rescue dogs were forced to endure is tragic." Callahan added, "Troopers take an oath to protect and safeguard life, including the lives and well-being of pets, which can be vulnerable to abuse."

Officials released Roberts with a pending court date.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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