The NYC Taxi Driver's 2019 Calender

The New York City Taxi Drivers 2019 Calendar has hit the market this week and features the first multi-driver cover. 

Married couple Philip and Shannon Kirkman began putting together the calendar since 2013 and features 12 real New York cab drivers. It is all for a good cause, portion of the calendar's sales are donated to University Settlement each year.

"When you think of New York they are one of the iconic things that people experience here. The other thing is that they're rarely seen," Phillip Kirkman told Patch last year. "You know you get in a cab and you don't really get the opportunity to see these individuals."

The New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar can be bought online for $14.99. University Settlement helps more than 33,000 immigrant families in NYC find services such as education, housing and wellness programs. Eleven of this year's 12 models are immigrants from countries such as Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Panama and Russia, the Kirkman's said.

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