From Harlem To Hollywood, A Stunt-woman's Journey

Niahlah Hope is from Harlem and now is a stunt person in Hollywood!'

She learned how to tumble and do flips at the non-profit Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation."What we really try to do with these kids is give them the opportunity to be their best," says Coach Wendy Hilliard.

Her first big break was being the stunt double for Lupita N'Yongo in the Marvel movie Black Panther. She got the job in the first place because Director Ryan Cooglar was a fan of her flips. 

Hope says, "The actor will do the scene or the stunt person, and they'll say 'switch' and then you run in and you get in the position that the last person was in, and then you continue".

Other gymnasts in the program suggested that she pursue this career path and lead to the big screen.

"Hopefully there are more people like me, and I can inspire others to look at non-traditional careers," she says.

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