Feast Your Eyes On The $80 Taco Pizza In Hoboken, NJ

If you’re going to rock out a cheat day, this is the way to do it. Tony Baloney’s, in Hoboken, New Jersey, has a TACO PIZZA that’s truly a force to be reckoned with. Ordering one will set you back about 80 bucks, but here’s what you get. Start with a cheese pizza. Then, you top it with tacos, guac, and sour cream. The restaurant’s founder, Mike Hauke, said he came up with the idea when – wait for it – he was stoned. This pie weighs-in at a hearty 30-pounds and can be made with three different taco styles: mezcal-marinated steak, chicken, or brisket. Bon Appetit!

Source: Men's Health



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