RFK's Mass Bail Out Plan Suffers First Court No-Show

The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Group Mass Bailout Plan hit its first bump in the road when Tamika West failed to appear for her court-mandated mental health evaluation. 

West who was arrested for wearing stolen sneakers while in possession of a crack pipe was bailed out by the RFK group on the condition she would abide by the courts ruling.

 After West's no-show,  Judge Matthew D'Emic issued a bench warrant for her arrest and is said to be contemplating letting the court system keep the $750 the RFK group paid for her bail.

Besides paying for the bail of incarcerated women the RFK charity will also pay to bail out 16 and 17-year old males despite their arrest records or charges pending against them as well as supplying the newly freed folks with cell phones and Metro-Cards.

A spokesperson for the charity told the New York Post that 95% of the people bailed out show up for their court dates.

NYC officials have voiced concerns on the Mass Bail Out Plan.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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