Female Cop Allegedly Stuffed Her Underwear in Male Cop's Mouth

NYPD Sargent Ann Marie Guerra is under investigation after being accused of stuffing a pair of her panties in a colleague's mouth during an argument.

According to police sources who spoke to the New York Post, Guerra and Detective Victor Falcon were arguing about a pair of underwear the female officer left on the floor of the cop's unisex locker room when the pantie stuffing occurred. 

Witnesses say when Detective Falcon brought up the underwear being left on the locker room floor Detective Guerra screamed. "They are f---ing clean!" and then jammed them in the complaining cop's mouth.

An EEO police source said that Guerra had an EEO complaint put on her 3 days after the event took place.

The NYPD's Equal Employment Opportunity office said Guerra started a beef with the male officers before the pantie in the mouth issue by commenting on the size of their "manhood" on social media sites

Guerra is second in command at the 72nd Precinct Detectives Squad.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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