Civilian Employee Caught Taping Female Cops in the Restroom

A female NYPD officer was answering the call of nature when she spotted a cell phone concealed in the ceiling of the woman's restroom in her Brooklyn precinct house. The phone was pointed at an angle that allowed it to record video on three of the four stalls.

The unidentified officer left the phone in its hiding place and reported it to the desk Sargent. When officers went back to investigate the restroom the phone had been removed.

After a quick check of the CCTV video, the officers were able to identify Pedro Rodriguez Sanchez as the owner of the phone.

Sanchez who works for the police department as a civilian security guard allowed the officers to search his phone for video but the evidence had been erased.The cops took the suspects phone to the computer crimes unit and were able to retrieve the incriminating videos and arrest Sanchez.

A police source told the New York Post that, "Nothing's ever deleted from your phone, and the computer-crimes unit can retrieve almost anything." The same source said that multiple videos were found on the suspect's phone.

Sanchez was charged with unlawful surveillance in the second degree.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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