City Run Shelters May Provide Free Diapers, Wipes

New York Councilman Mark Treyger is sponsoring a bill that would make it mandatory for city-run homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, family justice centers, and city subsidized day care centers to provide free diapers and wipes to those in need.

Treyger, who was quoted in the New York Post said, "Diapers are a necessity. This is not a luxury item-this is about basic human decency."  The Councilman said the idea for the bill came about after a single mother from his district came into his office and asked for help for her and her child. The mother explained that the shelter she was staying in did not provide diapers for any of the children.

Treyger said he and the de Blasio administration have been working on the bill together and he hopes to have it on the books within the next few weeks.

The cost of the diapers and wipes is estimated to cost the city $1.1 million in 2019.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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