Student With Asperger's Syndrome Claims He Was Sexually Abused

A teacher at the Catholic school Our Lady Of Pompeii has been accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy who suffers from Asperger's syndrome.

The parent of the victim alleges the abuse started when the boy started an after-school program that assigned teachers to help students with homework twice a week. 

The victim's mother told the New York Post, that the married teacher "groomed" her child for a few months before he made his move. 

"He knew exactly who to pick, he knew my son was vulnerable and looking for a male role model. He knew exactly what to say to my son."

The alleged abuse which started when the boy was 13 was discovered when the youth was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts at the age of 16.

The lawyer for the accused teacher said the District Attorney's office dismissed the case in 2017 due to lack of evidence and allowed his client to return to the classroom.

The victim's mother has asked the Manhattan Supreme Court to re-examine the case after she learned that another family has accused the teacher with similar crimes.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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